About Pro-Qura

Pro-Qura is a prostate brachytherapy medical service company based in Seattle, Washington. We are dedicated to developing standards of care and providing a network of physicians with the knowledge and skill to offer high-quality seed implantation services.

In 1995 the world-renowned physicians of the Prostate Cancer Treatment Center (PCTC) created Seed Plan Pro as a vehicle to promote quality brachytherapy planning. In 2000 Seed Plan Pro evolved into Pro-Qura and expanded its focus to quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate the success of seed implantation performed by its members.

Our Services

We offer pre-procedure treatment seed implant planning. In other words, we help medical professionals determine the placement, strength and number of seeds that will be implanted in the patient’s prostate.

We offer post-procedure analysis of the prostate seed implant. Pro-Qura evaluates the implants from two points of view. First, our dosimetrist examines the strength and distribution of radiation achieved to determine how well an implant procedure has matched the pre-treatment plan. Second, a PCTC physician provides a qualitative examination of the results.

We offer ongoing training and mentoring opportunities to medical professionals, as well as a quarterly forum for discussion of the latest advances and issues affecting brachytherapists.

Once physicians have repeatedly demonstrated quality implants, we affiliate them and make their contact information available to patients seeking superior cancer care.

We maintain an extensive database of brachytherapy information and analyses that is utilized or available for research.