Greater professionalism and systematization of processes, improved compliance

United Arab Emirates
Company Size
15 employees

Company context

Citibus is a mobility sector startup that provides access to reliable, safe, and affordable commuter buses run by a independent fleet operators and individual bus drivers. Citibus has mapped efficient bus routes and provides a mobile app through which commuters can schedule pickups at numerous pick and drop points along the routes.

The problem

As a tech startup, Citibus is a small company with limited procurement volume and a small team size. However, the company is growing fast and needs to implement strong, professional systems and processes that can provide scaffolding to its team as it grows. The founders and management of the company are focused developing and growing revenue generating business and are unable to invest time and effort to build their internal systems. Citibus is looking to address this challenge by implementing technology that can provide systematic processes to be followed by the team and can ensure compliance against these.

The solution

Proqura’s low cost pricing and easy-to-use interface made it an ideal choice for a startup like Citibus, which was operating on a budget. The built-in workflows and guided processes in Proqura are already structured to best-practices, and simply by following this flows, Citibus was able to ensure that its team was complying with good procurement practices.

Impact achieved

The systematic and digitized requisitioning process and structured negotiation tools of Proqura helped Citibus present an image of a strong, professional and well-managed procurement team. Resultantly, the company was able to punch above its weight in its negotiations with suppliers and managed to get highly competitive prices on each of its purchases.