Easier budgeting and future planning based on past expenses

IronGate Security Systems
United Kingdom
Professional services
Company Size
30 employees

Company context

IronGate is a security services company that provides home and office security systems, burglar alarm systems, and electronic and video surveillance solutions.

Security solutions provided to each client are largely tailored given the variability in the size and scale of each premises and the specific requirements of each home or office with respect to the solution they require.

IronGate procures all the necessary equipment to be installed for each solution itself, and provides a complete solution to its clients.

The problem

As each solution it deploys is tailored, predicting the equipment requirement is challenging. Security equipment and technology advances rapidly, and maintaining excessive inventory on hand is risky. However, sourcing at the time of an order can lead to delays or unexpected cost increases.

The solution

Proqura's reports and analytics functionality enables IronGate to easily track its overall procurement by item and category each year. The reports on procurement help IronGate draw general inferences on typical equipment quantities required and demand cyclicality and use these insights to appropriately plan and budget for the future.