Greater visibility and control on order fulfilment and quality

JK Dairies Limited
Company Size
160 employees

Company context

JK Dairies is a large dairy farm, housing more than 1,200 milk-producing cows. The firm produces raw milk for onward sale and distribution to milk processing facilities.

Maintaining milk yield requires careful management and care of the cows, with special attention to their health and well-being. Specialized cattle feed is provided to the animals, and dosing is managed to provide appropriate balance of nutritional supplements and vitamins to maintain health. The high number of animals also requires the medical conditions to be closely monitored so that any illnesses arising among the animals are quickly addressed and contained.

The problem

To ensure that the dietary and medical needs of the animals are met, JK Dairies needs to maintain close visibility on its supply chain. The company needs to ensure that supplies are arriving on time and in the right quantity and at the right level of quality. Short or partial deliveries of supplies need to be followed up with quickly to eliminate the risk of any disruption to food supply. Similarly, quality issues need to be addressed immediately and replacements ordered well in advance.

The solution

JK Dairies required a simple tool through which it could track delivery and fulfillment of its orders and have visibility that all items that were ordered have been received and inspected according to its protocols.

Proqura's goods receiving and fulfilment module enabled the company to easily track when items were dispatched by sellers, when they were received, and what quantity and quality was received. The receipt and inspection of all delivered items could be logged on Proqura, showing at a glance the complete status of all procurement and any gaps in the expected delivery.