Increased standardization in contracts

Leicester Motels
United Kingdom
Company Size
70 employees

Company context

Leicester Motels is a chain of economy lodging for business travelers, providing guests with an affordable stay in modern and comfortable rooms with access to basic business center facilities.

Leicester Motels management team is responsible for the overall property management and guest experience. Cleaning, janitorial services, laundry and dry cleaning, and other support services and tasks are outsourced on contract to other local companies operating near each motel location.

The problem

As the Leicester Motels chain has grown, it has sought to increase standardization of service delivery, cost structures, and processes and procedures across each of its locations. This includes standardizing the contracts it employs with each of the subcontractors and vendors who provide the operating and support services to each motel.

However, variation in the availability, quality, and range of services at each location coupled with the negotiating dynamics between the individual motel and supplier means that contracts have some degree of variability at each motel location.

To minimize the variation in contracts and resultant risk of unforeseen liabilities, Leicester Motels is seeking to standardize the drafting of contracts while allowing each motel management team to tailor specific contractual sections to their localized requirements.

The solution

Using Proqura’s template and contract management tools, Leicester Motels developed a menu of standardized contractual clauses and language for each type of situation, which each motel’s management team can select from and plug into their overall contract template.

This enables Leicester Motels to broadly develop the legal language and range of acceptable contractual clauses centrally, while allowing the individual motels some autonomy to select the optimal clause that meets the requirements of their respective vendors.