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Punjab Beverages Company
Company Size
500 employees

Company context

Punjab Beverages (PBC) is a franchisee bottler for Pepsi-Cola International. The company has a state of the art bottling plant and produces and distributes nearly 2 million cases of beverages a month.

The problem

As a manufacturing company, PBC has a long tail of indirect procurement which it conducts every month, spanning more than 5,000 individual items across categories ranging from office supplies to production tools and spares.

When requisitions used to be created for items, the goods or services being requisitioned were frequently spelled or named with slight variations by end users. As a result, it became difficult to maintain consistent and accurate data on item requisition history. Reports on procurement frequently tended to mis-state the procurement volumes at item or category levels and drawing informative insights proved challenging.

PBC tried to create a consistent item catalog with a uniform item naming convention, but struggled to maintain a clean catalog without duplication. Procurement users faced difficulty in searching for items and, failing to find what they required, resorted to creating new items which creates duplication in the system.

The solution

PBC required an intelligent system that could facilitate item deduplication, and provide a clean catalog and reports with consistently named items and clear, reliable insights.

Proqura offers strong search functionality in its catalog along with auto-suggest and self-correcting data entry protocols than enable users to easily find catalog items and minimize errors when entering names of new items.

In the rare cases where mistakes happen, Proqura has strong embedded product recognition capabilities that help cluster similar items, even if spelled differently, making it easier to make corrections.

Impact acheived

Implementation of Proqura and the catalog management functionality, dramatically improved the consistency of PBC requisitions as well as the cleanliness and accuracy of reports and analytics.