Institutional memory on orders and previous prices

Terrazza Italian Restaurant
United States
Company Size
25 employees

Company context

Terrazza is a small, family-friendly restaurant that provides high quality, authentic Italian cuisine at affordable prices. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes on its menu, each made with imported ingredients.

Given its clientele and the restaurant's overall proposition as a great value-for-money eatery for the whole family, Terrazza attempts to keep its prices consistent and stable.

The problem

Disruptions in international supply chains and fluctuations in food and commodity prices make it more difficult for Terrazza to manage its input costs. The high range of ingredients that go into their menu items makes it difficult to easily keep track of historical purchase prices for every item, which the restaurant requires to be able to plan procurement and negotiate price changes appropriately.

The solution

Terrazza required s a simple solution that could give prior purchase insights at the time of a new purchase so the company could easily track changes in prices and their cost implications.

Embedded procurement insights in Proqura helped solve Terrazza's challenge. At the time of creating a requisition for any item, purchase insights pop up to show the prior order history, pricing and transaction history for each item.

This enables Terrazza to appropriately budget for new procurement and easily compare new offers with previous purchase prices when quotes are received.

Impact acheived

Terrazza was able to improve its negotiation capability with its suppliers without increasing overhead or having to spend time tracking prior purchases to inform is discussions with suppliers. This enabled Terrazza to increase stability in prices and also plan ahead and stock items where volatility in prices was higher or and upward trend in prices was observed.