Welcome to Proqura

We make procurement easy

Procurement is complex. But managing procurement doesn’t need to be complicated.

At Proqura, we strive to make every stage of the procurement process as simple as possible.

We want our clients to focus on their core business and save their time, effort, and money everywhere else.

Proqura started in 2015 with a vision to provide small and medium sized businesses with a way to minimize their costs through systematic and competitive procurement. We have developed Proqura to provide the power of an enterprise solution with the ease of use and simplicity of an everyday use tool. Proqura does not require extensive training or large time investment to learn. Just sign up and be guided as you go!

We serve small and medium sized companies all over the world, providing them an affordable and easy to use solution that can immediately help them start saving time and money.

Our Values

We are a passionate team committed to delivering an exceptional experience for our clients.

We are guided in our efforts by our core values

Always keep improving

We work hard to keep learning, to keep doing better, and keep growing.

Go the extra mile

We are committed to delivering value above and beyond expectations.

Keep your eye on the horizon

We are in this for the long-term. Our customers' success is our success.