Simplify your process with seamless integrations

We know that your time is valuable, which is why we’ve created an easy way for you to automate your process and minimize the amount of time you spend on duplication of work and repetition of tasks by integrating Proqura with your accounting system.

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Stop wasting time on double data entry!

Save your team from duplication on effort

Link Proqura and your accounting system so both systems work in synchronization.

Increase your activity

Cut down the hours you spend on data entry. Automate your process today and make your life simplier.

Here are just a few common integration points among our clients.

Purchase orders

Send purchase orders created in Proqura directly to your accounting system through our API

Goods receipt

Log receipt and acceptance of goods in Proqura and connect it to your inventory module


Receive bills from suppliers and match them to your PO and GRN in Proqura and submit to accounts payables for processing


Linking your Proqura supplier directory with accounting software will help you maintain consistency in the books


Maintain a catalog of your frequently procedured goods and services in Proqura and connect to your inventory system as well as the ledger heads in your accounting system

Other master data

Use Proqura APIs to link up all other critical master data to any of your other business software. Link product categories, codes, units of measure, taxes, currencies, legal entities, business units and much more.

Meet with a product specialist for a custom demo

Tell us about your requirements & ask questions to find out if Proqura is a good fit for your business.


Send purchase orders, invoices, and other data from Proqura to QuickBooks Online


Automatically sync invoices and payments from Proqura to your Xero account in seconds


Instantaneously send bills and invoices for processing from Proqura to Sage


Streamline your purchasing processes directly in Proqura with Amazon Business PunchOut

Decided to integrate?

Follow these steps to start


Define your integration points

Identify the required number of integration points and your objectives for integrating. Do you need to automate invoice processing? Do you require end to end synchronization of both systems? Set the scope.


Prepare a process diagram

Prepare a process diagram outlining your current process and how you would like to link Proqura’s flows into your processes.


Enable accounting system access

Your team’s developers can use the Proqura APIs to link the two systems. Alternatively, you can enable accounting system access to the Proqura team and we can facilitate your integration.


Test and quality assure

Once the integration is complete, test it thoroughly for all the use cases and process flows that you have identified. Double check the documents which should be automatically created in your accounting system from Proqura and vice versa.

Automate data exchange and business workflows with Proqura API

Eliminate unnecessary workload and never again hunt down your documents across multiple business platforms. Build a custom connection between Proqura and your accounting and business tools.

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