Seamless collaboration and process management

Proqura not only brings all your internal procurement workflows online, but brings your suppliers online as well. Requisition, communicate, negotiate and transact with your suppliers in real time. All the procurement tools you need, in one place.

Fully digitize the procure-to-pay process

Procurement is not just an internal process. Collaborate with your suppliers in real time using Proqura through each stage of the procure-to-pay process

Receiving and Paying

Use powerful tools to improve performance and compliance

Leverage powerful tools to enhance efficiency, bolster controls, and strengthen decision-making

Supplier management
Catalog management
Business unit management
Tailored user roles and permissions
Customized requisition formats
Procurement workflows
Document management
Audit logs
Reports and analytics

Complete visibility on your supplier relationships

Maintain all your supplier contacts in one place. Track supplier performance on price competitiveness, quality, and timeliness of delivery


Increase control on what you purchase

Maintain detailed catalogs of all your frequently purchased products, complete with product pictures, item codes, descriptions, technical details, and spec sheets. Minimize maverick spend and ensure your team submits clear requirements.

Map products to suppliers to make it easier to float requisitions to the right vendors.


Tailor permissions and responsibilities by user role

Design your own user roles and set permissions accordingly based on the requirements and responsibilities of each team member.

Grant different levels of access, oversight, and control at a granular level.


Design structured requisition formats according to your needs

Choose what information to include in your requisitions and what level of responses you require from your suppliers.

Define questions and response parameters for suppliers and save your requisition formats as templates for reuse.


Streamline processes with clear, systematic workflows

Remove the complexity of procurement processes with simplified, clear, step-by-step workflows that guide users through a transaction. Easily see pending actions, next steps and eliminate confusion with clearly defined roles and responsibilities at each process stage.


Easily maintain and retrieve all your procurement documents

Say goodbye to filing and searching for paper documents. Maintain all your transaction documents in one place. Label and tag to organize or easily search and retrieve whatever you are looking for.


Structure your procurement organization

Create business units and teams to separate your procurement by location, department, or business line.

Each team can operate independently with distinct approvals and permissions while allowing senior management oversight of all teams.


Leverage analytics and insights to improve your spend management

Benefit from actionable insights on your procurement efficiency, spend, and sourcing competitiveness.

Use system reports or create your own customized reports to maintain complete oversight and visibility across your entire business.


Ensure compliance with a complete audit trail

Every action, comment and approval made by users is recorded, providing a complete, well-documented log of the entirety of your transactions. Benefit from complete visibility and institutional memory.

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