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No more spreadsheets, emails, and manual paperwork.

From requisitioning items to receiving and paying for them, run your entire procurement process smoothly with Proqura. Have complete visibility on all your procurement spend at a click.

Procure to pay software

End to end. Step by step.

Proqura helps you run your procurement process intuitively, from beginning to end

Initiate and Approve
Purchase Requests
Purchase requests

Allow your team members to easily request items they need procured and send them to procurement after approval

Create and Float
RFQs and RFPs
RFQs and RFPs

Send requisitions to suppliers for price quotations of goods or proposals for services

Receive and Compare
Competitive Bids
Competitive Bids

Receive supplier responses directly into Proqura. Offers are automatically tabulated and structured for easy comparison and evaluation

Approve and Issue
Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders

Select the offer that best meets your budget and terms and issue purchase orders to suppliers

Track and Mark
Goods Receiving
Goods Receiving

Receive confirmation of delivery from suppliers and keep track of order fulfillment

Receive and Match

Receive invoices from your suppliers for completed orders and run a 3-way check to ensure you billed correctly

Purchase requests

More systematic and better planned purchasing

Start the procurement process by initiating a purchase request.

Purchase request can be created by anyone in your organization who requires the procurement of a good or service.

Proqura allows managers to review and approve these requests. Once this demand is approved, purchase requests are used by the procurement team to initiate the formal requisition process.

Purchase requests in Proqura

Purchase Requests

Core features

Select from pre-approved catalog
  • Enable your team to search and find items they need purchased from a pre-approved catalog
  • Online shopping style requisition experience
Off-catalog purchase permissions
  • Allow authorized users permission to requisition items not included in catalog
  • Easily add new items to catalog
Easily upload from spreadsheet
  • Easily upload a long list of items from an excel or csv file
  • Minimize manual data entry
Add notes instructions and attachments
  • Mention specs and details, attach files and images
  • Set notes from the procurement team
Set due date
  • Provide clear instructions on when the item is needed
Request approvals
  • Obtain internal approvals on purchase requests
  • Maintain audit trail
Track progress
  • Follow the progress of your request as the procurement process is run
  • Maintain visibility at each stage of the transaction
Get real-time notifications
  • Receive notifications as your requisition progress milestones are achieved
Participate in evaluating offers
  • Review proposals from suppliers and evaluate technical specifications and parameters of items and services offered

Effortlessly create and float queries to suppliers

Receive offers from suppliers directly into Proqura.

Automatically generate comparison tables to compare the prices, terms, and specifications of each requisitioned item across all responding suppliers.

Requisitions in Proqura


Core features

Requisition from catalog
  • Search and select items from your customized catalog to speed up requisitioning
  • Ensure consistency on purchases and minimize maverick spend
Managed off-catalog purchases
  • Maintain flexibility while ensuring compliance
  • Enable permissions to users to requisition on—off or specialized items subject to approval
Easily upload in bulk
  • Save time and quickly enter long lists of items by uploading using an excel file
Customize RFQ / RFP formats

  • Create RFQs for products, RFPs for services and complex procurement

Create tailored forms
  • Structure RFP formats with commercial and technical terms
  • Create questions for your suppliers to answer
  • Ask for technical specs and set the response criteria
Approval workflows
  • Maximize process compliance by building in documented approvals at each stage of the process
  • Ensure that all transactions are properly authorized
Set bidding rules and timelines
  • Define your preferred rules for suppliers to bid and respond to your queries
  • Set competition rules with open or sealed bidding; set time limits for supplier bidding to encourage fast responses
Procurement insights

  • See insights on previous orders and similar items

Supplier insights

  • Choose who to invite to bid; browse your catalog or supplier directory
  • Intelligent supplier suggestions

Supplier messaging
  • Message suppliers and document the exchange for future reference automatically
  • Remind suppliers to respond before bidding time closes
Get real-time notifications
  • Track the progress of the requisition- see when a supplier has seen your message
Audit trail
  • Maintain full visibility on your process every step of the way with clear, easy to understand audit trails and transaction logs
Receiving and evaluating offers

Save money with competitive bidding

Tailor your requisitions depending on what you need to procure and what information you require from suppliers.

Create a Request for Quotation (RFQ) when requisitioning goods or products. Create a Request for Proposal (RFP) to requisition more comprehensive proposals for services or works.

Supplier offers evaluation in Proqura

Supplier offers

Core features

Electronic competitive bidding

  • Directly receive quotations and proposals from your suppliers digitally
  • No manual entry required
  • Make suppliers compete in real time with reverse auctions

Negotiation and messaging

  • Message or chat with suppliers, maintain history
  • Negotiate prices, terms or other elements- ask for clarifications
  • Request revised offers from suppliers

Automated comparisons

  • Automatically generate comparative view of items, terms and prices
  • Evaluate offers, collaborate with your team when determining which offer to accept

Easy acceptance and ordering

  • Accept or decline offers at a click
  • Save time with prepopulated purchase orders
  • Split an order across different suppliers to optimize costs

Analytics and insights

  • Get detailed analytics on supplier performance, responsiveness and price competitiveness
  • Get insights on prior purchases to compare previously purchased price to new offers

Complete documentation

  • Maintain all your transaction documents in one place
  • Option to upload quotations sources offline to ensure complete documentation

Purchase orders

Simply click and order

Create purchase orders in seconds. Proqura auto-fills your purchase order for you saving you time and effort.

Once you have evaluated all offers and have selected the one that best suits your needs, you can create, approve and issue a purchase order. Send purchase orders to suppliers to confirm your acceptance of their offer and intent to purchase.

Purchase orders in Proqura

Purchase orders

Core features

No manual entry

  • Instantly create purchase orders based on supplier's offers- no manual data entry required

Direct ordering

  • Directly create purchase orders from your catalog items

Customizable purchase orders

  • Customize purchase order form- add fields, instructions, attachments, notes for suppliers, delivery instructions

Split orders

  • Split purchase orders across suppliers, or consolidate items into one purchase order

Approval workflows

  • Run purchase orders through internal approval workflows before submitting to suppliers

3-way matching

  • 3-way matching of PO with Goods receiving and invoice

Complete documentation

  • Manage all purchase orders and maintain history of your transactions
  • Record offline transactions with uploads or manually enter transaction details to maintain completeness of record

Procurement insights

  • Get detailed analytics on your procurement effectiveness, savings and process efficiency

Real-time notifications

  • Receive notifications from suppliers when they accept your order
  • Receive notifications when supplier dispatch your order
  • Accept and confirm receipt of order

Goods receiving

Easily track your orders

Recording the delivery and receipt of your orders could not be easier. Stay up to date on where your orders stand and ensure you receive exactly what your ordered.

You will be notified once a supplier accepts your purchase order. The supplier can send you a delivery note and packing list confirming dispatch of the items to you. When you receive them, you can inspect and accept them to confirm fulfilment of the order.

Goods receiving in Proqura

Goods receiving

Core features

Real-time notifications

  • Real-time notifications on order acceptance and dispatch
  • Have complete visibility on the status of your orders

Delivery tracking

  • Get notified when suppliers dispatch your order- receive delivery notes and packing slips
  • Track delivery- mark goods received only once you have inspected and accepted them

Receiving and inspection

  • Easily receive and accept your orders from suppliers
  • Reject incorrect or faulty items
  • Confirm goods receiving to supplier to mark an order completed

3-way matching

  • 3-way matching of goods receiving with purchase order and invoices
  • Ensure that you receive and pay for the items you ordered

Logs and audit trail

  • Log gate pass to ensure full visibility on who received what and when
  • Receiving log to see when items were received

Partial deliveries

  • Receive items in batches and accept partial shipments
  • Track what items are pending and remind suppliers where needed

Billing and 3-way matching

Hassle-free billing and matching

Receive invoices from suppliers and match them against your purchase order and received goods to authorize payment.

Ensure you are billed correctly with 3-way matching. Easily compare each ordered line item against what you have received and what you have been billed for. When you are satisfied, submit the bill to Accounts Payable.

Billing and matching in Proqura

Billing and matching

Core features

Direct billing

  • Receive bills electronically from suppliers once you accept goods as received
  • Scan and upload invoices received offline

Automated matching

  • Automatically compare your bill against items received and items ordered
  • Ensure that you are billed for and pay the correct amount

Invoice approval

  • Seek internal approvals on matched invoices before submitting them for processing to accounts payables

Invoice processing and payment

  • Confirm a bill and authorize payment to account payables.

Spend analytics

  • Detailed analytics on your spend and purchase history
  • Insights on price trends and areas for optimization

Audit log

  • Maintain complete trail of deliveries and payments authorized
  • Easily reconcile authorized invoices with payments made

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