Audit and transparency

How does Proqura help with audit and transparency?

By using Proqura, you can ensure that your organization's procurement processes are compliant with your company policies and guidelines and that you are able to get transparency in your supplier dealings and spend.
However, to truly optimize your organization's procurement, you need to ensure that there is regular oversight of the system and its usage to ensure that it is being utiized to maximum benefit. This requires periodic audit of the processes and transactions and regular review of reports and insights to learn about areas requiring further improvement.
Proqura facilitate your efforts in overseeing the system by automatically documenting every stage of the procurement process and every user action taken on the system. Every transaction made on the system is supported by a complete transaction log, which lists in an easily understandable manner, all the actions that were taken by your team on a transaction, as well as their interaction and communication with one another and your suppliers.
When you review your reports, you get a summary of your spend. Reports and analytics are configured to enable you to deep dive into different sections, going all the way down to a single transaction to understand your spend thoroughly
All documents related to a transaction, from the initial purchase request, to the emails exchanged with suppliers, to the final invoice are maintained together, accessible in distinct tabs. The associated transaction log provides a simple summary of how that transaction progressed, what actions were taken when and by whom, and what decisions were taken and what comments were provided by the team. Complete institutional memory is maintained in your system, without needing to pull information together from different sources.