Proqura as a record-keeping tool

Proqura's main purpose is to make the procurement process fully digitized and electronic to minimize manual work such as data entry, bid evaluation, and document management. Accordingly, Proqura's e-procurement modules are designed to be powerful process automation tools that can help save valuable amounts of time and money.
But equally valuable are the reporting and analytics capabilities built in to Proqura which can help provide you with actionable insights into your organization's buying behavior and spending patterns
For this reason, Proqura is designed to serve not just as a process automation tool, but also as a centralized repository of all your organization's non-salary expenditure.
By maintaining all your purchasing records, whether conducted electronically or manually, within Proqura, you can generate comprehensive reports and analyses on your organizations costs, and make informed decisions on managing your P&L.
Even with e-procurement in place, there are times when some purchases and expenses are conducted manually or wholly or partially outside of the e-procurement process. There can be several different types of instances where this may occur, for example:
  • Small ticket petty cash or spot purchases where a competitive tendering process is not required—such as buying retail supplies or groceries where prices are fixed and well known
  • Individual expenses by employees in your organization which are then reimbursed
  • Travel and hotel expenses, where a single travel agent provides multiple options, rather than separate agents offering individual bids
Similarly, there may be instances where one or more parts of the procurement process are conducted manually. For example:
  • Item prices may be researched from multiple online sources, obviating the need to float a tender
  • A team member may provide her approval verbally or offline rather than through the system
  • A supplier may send a quotation, delivery note, or invoice by email or in hard copy instead of directly into the system
In these instances, one or more parts of the e-procurement flow through Proqura are disrupted or taken offline. However, this does not prevent your organization from uploading this information into Proqura to ensure completeness of your transaction record.

Scan and upload documents directly into Proqura

At every stage of Proqura, from recording a purchase requisition, to entering the details of a supplier's offer, to recording the delivery of goods, to recording an invoice, users are allowed the option of manually entering in that information themselves and uploading a supporting document.